Testimonials from Parents

"Cobnuts has given our family so much more than just a preschool setting for our son. The focus on learning through play, the wonderful outside space and the integrity of the staff has created such a rich environment for the children to thrive in. And thriving is just what my highly sensitive son is doing, not only that, but he looks forward to each session and always has a huge smile on his face when I see him at the end. The strong sense of community at Cobnuts is wonderful, it's is a warm, calm, welcoming environment for both children and parents. It's a fantastic feeling knowing your child is being really cared for, not just contained."



"Cobnuts was a blessing. My son was able to play freely and be himself, in a natural setting. The staff are amazing, they are open, and respect the children as individuals. I wanted to stay with my son and play too!"


"My Son adored his precious time here growing & developing in such a wholesome & creative environment. The Barming / Maidstone Community are extremely lucky to have this Kindergarten within its grasp. A true gem" ☆